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A recent white paper from Adobe, “The Sum of It’s Parts. How connecting experiences makes them great”, looks at how customer experiences have changed in the channels we use, but perhaps not in the fundamentals that have been in place since medieval times.

  • Highly personal and interactive
  • Immediacy
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Primal need to connect

Whilst I’ll leave you to read the report if you wish, I have to ask what is the primary difference between medieval marketeers and todays virtual marketeers? Reality.

Sometimes its not easy being a creative agency. One of our greatest challenges is working with a cross-section of types of clients with more or less idea about their brand, their competitors and their stakeholders. So we asked ourselves 'what is creativity and brand strategy and can they play nicely together?". The result was digested down into how we look to help clients through our creative process.

Take a look and tell us what you think...

Our Creative team always look to get as much out of our services as possible for the client. In the case of Watermatic, we recently rebranded their company and in the process designed a fantastic new brochure.

So what else could we do with it? The obvious and easy 'creative' solution is...

The Forrester Corporation was part of a Government initiative to help SME's grow through the use of strategic advice - #growthvoucher

So exactly how do Growth Vouchers work and how can people make the most of the opportunity? Here Enterprise Nation spoke to Beatriz Garcia-Martinez about how her Growth Voucher experience with Marketplace adviser Stuart Forrester


Adobe have just released a report on screen sizes/devices and the need for responsive website design - well we've been doing that for years!

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