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We've been with (MTN) since the start with their Business-to-Business (B2B) publication. From day one, Gordon Lyster who founded MTN, wanted a publication that did not need to be printed or mailed and fully trackable - and its fortnightly publication MotorTradeNews Bulletin were born.

Insight - Part I

Working together we looked at options that began with a website aimed at the B2B franchised dealership market and how we would be able to support Gordon in creating something to compete against the established traditional publishers in the market. Gordon was clear on his target market and had already significant experience in the sector from previous roles with publishers. This meant he already have a clear vision of what he wanted and what would interest the market and from that, the commercialisation of the product.

The key was always going to be traceability and return on investment - something even today publishers still are challenged to deliver from printed matter.

Creative - Part I

At the start, the creative requirement was simple, a website. We reviewed some of the best and worst news websites and came up with a design that reflected a simple interface and opportunities for typical banner advertising at the time. This would be driven by an emerging Open Source CMS system called Joomla and allowed MTN to operate a decentralised editorial staff across the UK and Ireland - saving office space and potential relocation costs.

The website designed and operatonal, training given to the editorial team now we needed content. Looking to the likes of Huffington Post and other news agregation services, MTN initally used this type of feed to generate a body of content before shifting to 100% MTN editorial content with a current body of some 12,000+ articles.

Intelligence - Part I

Whilst the site looked good and the content was growing, MTN experienced resistance to digital only advertisments from their target suppliers. Investigation by Gordon found that their market was not digital ready at the time and lacked an understanding of the link betwen digital engagement and conversion of opportunities.

So how were MTN going to address this given a reluctance to create a paper magazine?

Insight - Part II

With hindsight the answer always seem obvious - MTN needed a magazine. Turning page technology was moving forward and would allow the magazine to be displayed on the growng popularity of smart phones and tablets as well as the web.

With a magazine you need a distribution list. Having tested the market with an off-the-shelf option, we put MTN in touch with our intelligence partners who quickly defined a strategy that would build a bespoke list of every contact in the B2B market MTN targetd and how it would be maintained.

So MTN now had a publication and a distribution list and the final piece of the puzzle was the distribution execution. This would be in the form of an email 'teaser' and sent every two weeks.

All of these new products realised the end goal - trackable return on investment. Adverts could be bought in traditional sizes - quarter page, whole page and job boxes. All of them linked to the clients website or an email. And every page of the bulletin linked to Google Analytics to monitor key data like page views and time. Together these new assets would form the foundation to sell and commercialise MTN in a way the market understood and deliver measurement of success.

The final icing on the new insight and opportunity would be in the form of licensing segments of the data to third parties with MTN controlling both the data and the delivery mechanism.

Creative - Part II

Woring with MTN we put together the eMail/Teaser part of the project and an editorial designer from Gordon's past publishing days put together the design of the magazine. From the magazine we produced the eMagazine and linked the teaser email to features. Before every issue, we had data from MTN's data partner and later, would segment the data further to highlight to specific groups of companies that they were being featured in MTN.

Later we would also be responsible for the full creative process by laying out the magazine.

Intelligence - Part II

Master of data and intelligence. From the eCast MTN could track opens, clicks and gone aways/blocks. From Google Analytics MTN could see clicks from inside the eMagazine - from adverts and editorial content. Added to the data MTN already could track from the website and MTN is possibly one of the most measurable publishing channel in the UK today.

One of the uses of this intelligence is in maintaining the distribution data - as we see a bounce, we supply that data to the data partner who follows it up to either confirm a gone away or to update the data with a replacement contact.


And the story does not end here - we are already working with MTN on a new website and publication formats that will allow media rich content and ways to automatically share content to their social networks automatically as part of the editorial process of adding content to the website.


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